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Life has various occasions and events that require to be remembered. One of the best ways to keep the memorable moments for various occasions and events is pictures. Pictures capture the great moments of your celebrations and all the events that need to be remembered in your life. Christening events such as baptism are enjoyable and happy moments that require a reliable and artistic way of keeping the memories. High-quality pictures from professional photographers keep your wonderful moments fresh for future remembrance. Christening Photography NJ provides professional and high-quality photography services for all your christening ceremonies in New Jersey and surrounding areas that ensure you keep the wonderful moments in your memories. The artistic design and photography captured for any christening event require modern and advanced creativity to ensure you have quality photographs for the enjoyable and memorable moments.


My style of photography is fresh, unique and candid. Besides degrees in the photography field, my style is associated with my fascination and interest about people whereby I work to be unobtrusive and capture all the moments in the best and most genuine way. Emotions are very important in all christening ceremonies and, therefore, my photography services looks for your emotions throughout the ceremony and celebration in order to bring out the best memories through the images. One of the reasons why many people appreciate my photography work and the services is that I always find perfect ways of capturing the spirit of the ceremony or event for the baby, all the guests and produce a final result that leaves everyone surprised.


My artistic work was inspired by passion and it started from my fifth-grade art school where I learned the basics of photography. I later went on to study visual photography in college and later improved my skills at the international center of photography. Building my photography talent and passion through studying has enabled me to use my genuine and candid style to cover christening events and ceremonies and provide high-quality services and products that leave all my clients fully satisfied. My artistic designs produce images and pictures that clearly fulfill your requirements and show the creative vision from the photographer. The images and pictures are made to express the event emotions and perceptions from the artist’s view and the will to always share them with other people.

Digital Christening Photography NJ

In the contemporary society, the digital technology has been witnessed in every field including photography. However, when it comes to taking pictures digitalization has nothing much to do with it in regard to the final product. Although I use modern and digitized equipment, I have full understanding of the technical aspect of my photography including the color and composition theory that enables me to deliver great albums and pictures. Additionally, I ensure that I am part of the ceremony or event and most important understand the importance of the event hence produce perfect and quality services for the event.

To ensure you get high-quality, reliable, creative cost-effective christening photography services in New Jersey, contact me and you will have a quality guarantee for your event or ceremony pictures and images.

Are you Planning a Christening Ceremony? What is the Difference Between Religious Vs. Non-Religious Christening Gifts?

A child’s baptism, or christening is one that should be filled with moving memories. Planning for the special day is relative easy, though it does take some effort. You must call the church, and pick a godmother and godfather for the baby. Depending on the faith, you may need to take baptism classes and send out invitations to the special event and make arrangements to where the party will be held. Sometime between all this, you have to pick the baby’s clothing, which may be something simple or something that has been passed down from previous generations. Some families begin by celebrating with a brand new bible for the child into which notes are made outlining who the parents and Godparents were, the date and location of the baptism. Notes are also made for the attendants and where the celebratory gathering was held. The bible then becomes a keepsake for the child and further notes will be made of religious moments as the child grows up. These bibles are also excellent for preserving family history for following generations.



Hiring the Best Christening Photographer in New Jersey – Images by Gustav Offers both Professional and Affordable Service for your New Jersey Christening Photography

However you choose to celebrate this great milestone and occasion, know that you need to capture the memories, so when your baby does grow up, you will be able to show him/her their baptism. Images by Gustav is a professional and affordable photographer in the tri-state area that covers all events and will capture every moment of your baby’s baptism.