The Best Photographer Option for Your Daughter’s Sixteenth Birthday

The Best Photographer Option for Your Daughter’s Sixteenth Birthday

When words cannot explain anymore, pictures take over. What words cannot explore, pictures do. That is essentially the power of pictures. Nevertheless, there is just more to photography than pressing a button. There is so much more that goes into capturing a great picture. It is an art, only mastered by a top player of this kind. It is only this kind of a photographer that will bring out the intimate details in a picture. For your daughter’s birthday, you do not need to go further that this sweet 16 photographer; a skilled individual who will bring into play top class image capturing techniques, of course, after planning extensively.

True, everybody nowadays owns a digital camera and it may feel wise to downplay the idea of enlisting a professional photographer. You will not know how suicidal your mission is until the party starts. Let us assume the party is all set up, the guests trickle in, food is served and people all over catching up. For you the host, the comfort of relaxing slips through your hands; you are all over organizing everybody and trying not to miss a photo opportunity. At end of the day, you realize how much of a goose chase it was. You are extremely exhausted and, worst of all, you never got a chance to catch up with the guests. Apart from giving you the opportunity to relax at your party, a sweet sixteen photographer will benefit you in the following ways:


Incredible pictures to keep the day in memory

The sixteenth birthday is one the greatest highlights of your daughter’s teenage life, and with that you want the day to always mean something. The decorations, food, cake, guests or any other activity will be temporary, but great pictures will remain and go a long way into bringing back the nostalgic feelings may years to come. Hiring this skilled photographer essentially means you are having on board someone with the skills to adjust angles, lighting and hence bring out the true emotions in the event

No photo opportunities missed

One of the greatest advantage of enlisting a professional photographer is that you always have somebody on standby to capture every single moment. Unexpected moments will always happen in such an event. With a professional photographer on standby, you do not need to worry yourself of pulling out a camera and rushing to capture a moment that would certainly be gone already.

Retouching the pictures

Once the party is over, a professional photographer has to get down to their tools, go through all the images and rectify some to give them a better look. The light and other things might be edited. In any case, the end product is not anything less than perfect.


All said and done, at the end of the day, quality is what you are paying for. This is the best option for the best value of your cash. You can choose to take pictures yourself and get sick of the results for they will not be reminding you of the incredible party you went through. A professional photographer of this kind is the surest bet to have pictures that will always be sending you back to that perfect sixteenth birthday moment.

Engagement Vidhi in the U.S.A. Hindu Engagement

Engagement Vidhi in the U.S.A. (Hindu Engagement)

Since 1960, tens of thousands of Indians have gradually arrived and made homes in most if the U.S.A. Kids born in these families have been raised on the American soil and are also settling down in America. Despite being born and brought up far away from home, these kids have deep rooted connections with their Hindu Culture & way of life. This can be attributed to their active participation in cultural activities locally (e.g. Marriages), movies (Indian Bollywood), friends & relatives and possibly a strict family upbringing.

Most of these Indians choose soul mates/marriage partners, within the Indian culture. Others however cross over the cultural boundary and get engaged to soul mates of a different religion, color and language but USA residents. When eventually the engagement period is on, these Hindu’s avail their soul mates for the Hindu way of married life. To the Hindu, it is quite a noble heritage.

The Hindu Engagement (Last 45 Minutes) – Engagement Vidhi

Tradition demands that the Hindu Engagement Ceremony should be done months prior to the marriage. The ceremony’s main goal is to make a formal announcement that a new marriage is on the horizon. This should alert the concerned family members, friends and relatives to start planning for the actual marriage. The parents to the soul mates play the key role during in a Hindu Engagement. The father of the husband to be is expected to ask the bride’s father a hand in marriage of their daughter. The ceremony goes on a series of interesting events informed by the Hindu culture; 1. The Boy’s father requests the girl’s father a hand in marriage of his daughter on behalf of his son. The girl’s father has to make sure that the boy to whom his daughter is getting married has no skeletons in his house. 2. The Girl’s father and the daughter suggest a marriage date as per Muhurtam. The Boy’s father and the husband to be reconfirm their proposal.

3. If convinced and satisfied, the girl’s father tells the boy’s father to ensure that his daughter is well taken care of. There should be satisfaction on both sides. 4. If the two fathers are in agreement, the girl’s father announces to all present a wedding date. 5. The wife to be prays Shachi to get a successful marriage. Five women present do the Mangal Aarati to the bride.

6. Ashirvad – The couple can now exchange their engagement rings. 7. The Hindu Engagement ends as the newly engaged receive blessings and good luck wishes from those present. From now henceforth the couple acquire new names i.e. Bride & Groom but they will actually become before the Wedding). Materials: · 7 Chairs · A Coffee Table (for the Pooja) · A Shri Ganesh Idol · Kalash · Ten Beetle leaves · Halad/Kunku · Gandha or Chandan · A Bell · Candles · Neeranjan · An Oil Lamp (Aarati) · Fresh Flowers · Udbatti · Ten Supaari · Two Coconuts · Naivaidhya · Halkunda (Whole Haladi)

More than half of marriages involving a Hindu partner in the U.S.A are usually between a Non-Hindu and a Hindu. This makes a Hindu Engagement unique and different when compared to engagements between two Hindus back in India.

They have to consider some aspects of a Hindu engagement arising from the different cultures e.g;

  • · Social Aspects
  • · Legal Aspects
  • · Religious Aspects

It is of importance for the non-Hindu to understand the basics of Hinduism and be familiar with the differences.

Hindu engagements are similar throughout India but details vary either due to family traditions or regional differences between different parts of the country. These variations play a role in the different types of Hindu engagements experienced throughout the U.S.A.

Hindu’s are culturally sensitive hence need to blend in the Hindu engagement traditions and the western logistical realities in a way that the end product is tailored not only to both the Hindu spouse and partner but to the cultural needs of the two.

Creative, Contemporary Sweet 16 Extravaganza

Creative, Contemporary Sweet 16 Extravaganza


For every young teenage girl the age of sixteen is a monumental time full of intrigue, excitement and splendor. Most people consider that time as an indication of a little girl becoming a successful young lady ready to concur the world. We therefore want to capture the smiles and every special moment for you and your family to treasure for an eternity and leave a legacy for others to follow. Which is why we want you to smile all the way and be at ease that you got it all covered on camera and tape without worry that anything has been left out.

We enjoy to be part of your history at the back scenes holding the cameras and capturing it proudly and precisely as you want it to be remembered. We hold with high esteem the values of professionalism, quality and reliability. We are also dedicated to privacy thus cannot release any of your information without your due consent.

We capture candid photos throughout the day. As it is commonly known a picture is worth a thousand words, however true this may be it is really unfortunate especially when we go out and at this fundamental moments that we tend to forget a camera to capture a thousand words worth millions or possibly a billion memories

If for instance you are having your sweet sixteen birthday party or perhaps you choose your favorite theme and you want everyone to have an opportunity to get some great photos either with friends, individually or as one big group. With our expertise you can have great spurs of the moment pictures that immediately happen, captions can be added so that everyone may know that the spontaneous moment was taken at someone`s sweet sixteen.  

Additionally you can instruct us to take other formal photos which are traditionally taken therefore everyone stands a chance to have their photos taken. You may think of us as your encouragement of your sweet sixteen arrangement, we proudly step away from your traditional sweet sixteen look and help you create a new modern result that is full of glamor and awe.

There are several ceremonies that accompany the sweet sixteen moments, namely, father daughter dance, where the father and daughter dance to a slow-jazz music or a family tradition song while everyone sits and watches. This is a tradition that is also frequently practiced in weddings. secondly is the tiara ceremony, which is very similar to the shoe ceremony, where the mother approaches with a tiara instead of the shoes.

She places the tiara on the head of her daughter a symbol that she has become a woman. At times this ceremony is combined with the shoe ceremony where the mother approaches with the tiara placed on a pillow and the other person with the shoes placed also on a pillow.

Finally is the shoe ceremony where the girl sits down wearing flat shoes and her father, grandfather and uncle or a godfather approaches her with high heels placed on a decorative pillow.

The father helps her ceremoniously into her new high heels symbolizing that she is transitioning into womanhood. All these ceremonies needs to be captured in camera and preserved more than precious gems.

Engagement Photography at Its Best!

 Engagement Photography at Its Best!

There are a certain number of things that persons consider before they select someone to do their engagement photography nj. It is a matter of reviewing what various photographers have to offer and then selecting the one that best suits their needs based on the photographers personality, artistic style and professional skills.

I provide everything that a client could ever need and it is all done in a professional manner. I am able to do a variety of styles of photography including portraiture for those who love the classic portraits, edgy bold shots, documentary shots or fine art, just to name a few. It all depends on what the client prefers.

All of these skills were garnered after years of study and years working in the business honing my skills. I keep up with the latest developments in the world of photography by attending seminars and workshops.

Professionalism is built with years of experience and there really is no substitute for that. Anyone can pick up a camera and point it and shoot. It takes experience and years of working in the field to create perfection. That is what is provided. Photography is an art form! The best pictures are created when a photographer listens to the requirements that the client has and then follows through with professionalism.

The goal of this company is to capture the best images possible. After years of providing engagement photography nj, I am more than aware that these photos are extremely special memories that couples want to create. As an professional photographer, I can help to do that. I pay attention to the smallest details and prefer to have an extensive interview with the couple beforehand to know what their personalities are and determine exactly what they would prefer.

A lot of clients always ask questions about the equipment that is used. Top of the line engagement photography requires the use of the latest equipment on the market. I always have backup flashes, lenses and cameras to prevent problems.

Being sensitive to the client’s needs is extremely important and that is not something that is not scoffed at in this company. An engagement brings out a lot of emotions in a couple and it is my job to keep a level head and do the job that I am hired to do.Depending on the location that the client selects to take their pictures I am more than able to coordinate with the persons in charge of that venue and I am more than aware of certain restrictions that apply to certain venues. I can also provide a number of options for clients that need a bit of help figuring out where they want to take their pictures.

The client is an important part of the post production process. After the photographs are taken by a professional engagement photography nj professional like myself, they will be edited based on the specifications of the client using the most advanced equipment. The final product will be packaged and delivered in a timely fashion.

\My main goal is to use the skills that I have attained over the years to exceed my customers expectations!

Contemporary Bar Mitzvah Photographer Union NJ

Contemporary  Bar Mitzvah  Photographer Union NJ

If you’re Jewish, you would be familiar with the Bar Mitzvah. This is some form of celebration that marks a Jewish man’s coming of age. It is celebrated when a boy reaches the age of 13 years old. It used to be just a simple rite with all symbolic acts to go with it, but it has gained a different perspective today. In the US, the Bar Mitzvah is often accompanied by a large party and special presents.

When planning the Bar Mitzvah celebration, it is always important to realize the kind of personality the celebrator has. The kind of party that should be thrown should be according to the preference and personality of the boy. This is the same thing about the Bar Mitzvah photography  That’s why you have to be wise in choosing the Bar Mitzvah photographer who will be documenting this momentous occasion for you. It’s not enough that you hire a skilled events photographer. You have to make sure that the professional handling your photos has an extensive experience in Bar Mitzvah coverage.

So before you hire a Bar Mitzvah photographer, you have to check on his previous works. It is crucial that his style of photography matches the taste of the celebrator. Then you must also check with the previous clients of the photographer you are about to hire. Ask them about what their experience was in dealing with him or her. You have to ask them if he was professional enough to handle his responsibilities and in the way he or she converses with people.

It is also necessary for a Bar Mitzvah photographer to be updated with the techniques, technology, and trends in the industry where he belongs. He or she should have the right equipment and technological know-how in making sure that whatever demands the celebrator has, he will be versatile enough to handle them. This is only possible if the professional photography is a real artist at heart. This means that he truly loves his work and that he is an undying passion for his craft.

Others will call it the X factor; others call it the human element. That’s why the interpersonal skills of the photographer are significant for a Bar Mitzvah event. Try to spend time with the person through arranging an interview with him or her. Get a good feel of his or her personality and presence; and if you feel comfortable around the person, it’s more likely that he or she can easily bring out the smiles among its subjects. The photographer is essential for ensuring a positive atmosphere in the occasion.

Always remember that it’s a kid who celebrates the Bar Mitzvah. Kids are conscious of themselves especially they just entered into the age of puberty. You need a photographer who can handle this side of the celebrator. You need someone who can bring out the happiness in them and one who knows how to have pure fun.

A great Bar Mitzvah photographer would know how to make the event truly special. Usually this only happens when the person you hire understands his role or has been into the same celebration in the past.

Creative Sweet 16 Photography Union NJ

Creative Sweet 16 Photography Union NJ

The old adage opportunities knock once on every door is a verity. Life’s best moments come rarely and it is best to cherish them and keep them for future referencing. Sweet 16 Photographer NJ has the best combination to put those moments into art. Whether it is graduation, wedding, funeral or parties, this company is the best!

What makes Sweet 16 Photographer NJ the preferred choice?

Sweet 16 photography has taken the industry by storm since its inception. Many have come from far and wide to experience this amazing art. Various qualities have contributed to the success of this photographer. These have been discussed as follows:


Experience plays a very crucial role in the service industry. The company has dedicated and highly experienced personnel that have ensured top notch service delivery to clients. The expertise has made Sweet 16 Photography a force to reckon with in the arts and entertainment industry. Furthermore, the vast skills and knowledge of the staff has enabled the company to be dynamic. This implies the ability to adapt to the very changing technological needs of the industry and go beyond borders in providing excellent services in photography.

Amazing customer service 

Firstly, the primary aim of the photographer is to provide satisfactory customer service. This in turn leads to a huge collection of portfolio that is handy in the future of the company. This has made Sweet 16 photography popular amongst various fun lovers. Customer service entails aspects of time management, cost management and quality management.


Sweet 16 Photographer NJ focuses on putting smiles on clients’ faces. Here, price is not an issue as the clients are able to choose price scales that are suitable for their pockets. The relatively cheap prices for the services offered by Sweet 16 Photography has helped it come along way in developing clientele relationships and boosting its customer base.

Quality work

Quality is very instrumental when it comes to art work. It defines the success of any company. At Sweet 16 photography, this is the utmost pillar of success. Their niche is to provide diligent, unique and perfect artwork for customers. The highly specialized staff coupled with high technological equipment makes this company a perfect haven for those wishing to experience qualitative photographical works: the ultimat


A good service provider strives to be as close as possible to both the actual and potential clients. This is no exception to Sweet 16 Photographer NJ that has laid immense emphasis on marvelous customer care. These customer relationships have been taken to greater heights with the advancement of technology. For instance, the Sweet 16 Photography website provides the ideal channel for customers to make enquiries, peruse through the gallery and foremost; to contact the photographer for service delivery.


It is imperative to note that Sweet 16 Photographer NJ plays significant role not only in New Jersey but throughout the US. This regal and vital company has captured life at its best for various clients. Their excellent service delivery and photography techniques have seen them rise from grace to grass in the art industry. For any enquiry and bookings, kindly call: 908-447-2978

Union wedding photographers NJ –

Union wedding photographers NJ provide essential services to the couples doing their weddings. This is because they help them keep the memories of this special day which usually happens once in a life time for many people. As a result, these photographers are expected to provide good services by taking high quality pictures. However, amongst these photographers there are some who are better than others depending on the quality of services provided. Therefore, it is important to know the qualities to look out for while choosing the most suitable Union wedding photographer NJ.

wedding photographer union new jersey

Amongst the important qualities that such a photographer should have include using the right cameras that will be able to capture all the aspects of the wedding. The cameras used should be able to produce clear and detailed pictures. Most of these photographer use modern cameras which use the latest technology and which have state of the art features. The importance of having such a camera for a photographer is that the modern cameras are more suitable compared to the older cameras. The most ideal way of establishing the cameras used by a certain Union photographer New Jersey is visiting the photographer and inspecting the cameras.

contemporary wedding photographer union nj

Another important quality that a Union wedding photographer should have is being competent. This means that the photographer should have the ability to capture different aspects of the wedding without leaving some details out. The photographer should know how to position himself or herself so as to capture the important moments of the wedding. One can authenticate the competency of any photographer by requesting to view the pictures taken in previous weddings. One can also request for a list of previous clients of the clients. By contacting these previous clients one can readily establish whether those previous clients were satisfied by the services they got.

creative wedding photographer union nj

Being professional is also an important quality in selecting the most ideal Union wedding photographer NJ. This means the photographer should have the basic etiquette in providing the necessary services. The right photographer should be able to keep time and other agreements made with the clients. Most couples and wedding organizers usually book the photographer in advance. So it is usually expected that the photographer booked will show up in time. This is important because it is not appropriate to delay a wedding because the photographer is late. One can determine whether a certain photographer is professional by contacting the previous clients and establishing whether the photographer was professional in providing the relevant services. The professionalism should also include charging reasonable fees for the services provided.

best wedding photographer union nj

Besides understanding the qualities to look out for while selecting the most appropriate Union wedding photographer New Jersey, it is also paramount to know where to get such a photographer. Amongst the most ideal places to get a good photographer is going through various advertisement forums such as the yellow pages, on the local dailies and also online. This is because most of these photographers usually advertise their services in these forums. One can also get a good photographer through getting recommendations from other people who had hired a certain photographer in the past. These recommendations are especially helpful because one can readily view the pictures that were taken by the particular photographer. Therefore, it is possible to get a good Union wedding photographer NJ through knowing what to check and the right places to get such a photographer.

documentary wedding photographer union nj

Wedding Photographer Union NJ – Contemporary & Creative


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Picture Perfect Photography <> IMAGES by GUSTAV <> Photography Blogs

Picture Perfect Photography <> IMAGES by GUSTAV <> Photography Blogs

Picture Perfect Photography <> IMAGES by GUSTAV <> Photography Blogs

Picture Perfect Photography <> IMAGES by GUSTAV <> Photography Blogs


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